The Dos and Don’ts of Window Cleaning

Here are some dos and don'ts of window cleaning:


Use a squeegee: A squeegee is an effective tool to clean your windows without leaving any streaks. Make sure to use a clean squeegee blade and start from the top of the window, working your way down.
Use a cleaning solution: Use a cleaning solution that is safe for your windows and is specifically designed for window cleaning. You can make a simple solution at home using water, vinegar, and dish soap.
Use a microfiber cloth: Use a clean, lint-free microfiber cloth to wipe away excess cleaning solution and dry your windows.
Clean your windows on a cloudy day: Cleaning your windows on a sunny day can cause the cleaning solution to dry too quickly, leading to streaks. It's best to clean your windows on a cloudy day or in the shade.



Use paper towels: Using paper towels to clean your windows can leave behind lint and fibers, which can lead to streaks.
Use abrasive cleaners: Avoid using abrasive cleaners such as steel wool or scrubbing pads, as they can scratch your windows and cause permanent damage.
Use hot water: Using hot water to clean your windows can cause them to crack, especially if they are made of double-pained glass.
Clean your windows in direct sunlight: As mentioned earlier, cleaning your windows in direct sunlight can cause the cleaning solution to dry too quickly, leading to streaks.

 By following these dos and don'ts, you should be able to clean your windows effectively without causing any damage or leaving any streaks.

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