How to Maintain your Lawn Best Tips 2023

How to Maintain your Lawn Best Tips 2023

One of the toughest perennial herbs is grass, and although one must exercise the appropriate caution, maintaining a lawn is not extremely difficult. A garden enthusiast would do well to keep in mind that a well-kept grass contributes 75% of a garden's beauty. If a lawn is not properly cared for, it will quickly become unusable.

1. Weeding the lawn:

Controlling weeds is one of the most crucial maintenance tasks. Without careful monitoring or care, weeds will eventually outnumber lawn grass, the soil will erode, and the grass will turn coarse. All weeds must be picked up by the roots, and they must never be permitted to set seed. book Lawn Mowing Services

2. Mowing the lawn:

Another crucial procedure is the mowing of the lawn grass. The amount of growth dictates the frequency of mowing, which varies from season to season. However, throughout any season, grass shouldn't be permitted to grow longer than 5 to 6 cm. Get a good machine that will cut uniformly at the right height.  Mowing lawns Services in NZ 


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